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Now it happen lot that all of a sudden you will logged out and asked to verify your account by submitting an ID. Apparently it is happening to a lot of Facebook users.
Facebook is trying to eliminate duplicate or fake accounts. If have a unique first or last name, they will disable your account and make you add your real name.
This feature was introduced because of how easy it is to fake account, to create multiple Facebook account with the same name and content.
To verify you identity and avoid from getting block by photo verification you have to submit yours Proof. The proof may be in many forms, you can upload your date of birth card, Govt card, student card, college, gym card, driver license or any other which show your representation.
These users will be prompted to submit an image of a government-issued photo ID which is deleted after verification.

Video Tutorial step by step

How to verify your Facebook Account:

Verification by Government issued ID. To upload a copy of your ID:
1) Take your ID and cover up any confidential information (ex: your license or passport number)
2) Scan or take a close-up picture of your ID.
3) Make sure you can clearly see your name, birthday and photo.
4) Save the photo to your computer.
5) Go back to the contact form, click Upload and select the file containing your ID.
So when you have successfully done the process, you will receive a mail from Facebook within a short time. And later, again you will get a mail about your verification status. So this is the official way to verify your Facebook account.

Benefits of Facebook Verification :

Verifying your account will make it easier for people to find and connect with you. When you verify your account with a valid ID, you will appear more frequently in the people to follow list. You will also have the option to use an alternate name more prominently on Facebook.
Note :
1) If your identity is challenged and you want your account back, it’s your responsibility to prove who you are. There is no presumption of innocence. Verifying your identity could mean sending Facebook documents like Driver’s License, Passport or Birth Certificate. If the name does not match your username, Facebook can change it.
2) When sending a copy of your ID, Facebook requests users cover up sensitive information like license or passport number. Facebook will delete all these copies after verification is complete.
3) Due to this verification, some profiles never returned, others taking several months and some less than 24hrs.
4) Facebook only cares about user’s full name, picture, and birthday for verification purpose.
5) During lockout of your profile, your friend cannot find you, cannot message you and cannot see you profile. Facebook has made it so that you do no longer exist on their system.
Consideration :
1) Many times the name you use in real life would not match official documents.
2) It is easy way to ensure people do not subscribe to the public updates of impostors.
3) After verification, Facebook user will be given the option to enter an “alternate name” that can be used to find them through search and that can be displayed next to their real name as a replacement.
4) Some people like to make great invisible wall between their day job and life online so they like to use fake name for their social profiles.
5) Many people do not use their real name on social media as their jobs or careers would be exposing by interaction with social media. Similarly folks also use fake names for hiding from abusive exes/parents/relatives or stalkers.
Always remember that verified account not locked or disable easily. This is Facebook policy that if account is verified then it will not locked by simple reports or many id using by a mobile.
Our Advice : If you wish to avoid your account being locked or deleted is to remove any information from your profile that is not legally correct, such as a false year of birth, incorrect middle names, nicknames or fantasy locations and use your real first and last name along with your date of birth as shown on legal documentation.
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