Updated New Look of Google Messages and Contacts App Icons

Google Updated New Look for Google Messages and Contacts App Icons - Full Report

Google is rolling out new icons for its messaging and contacts apps. The new design does away with the shadows and features a flat, white background. The new icons are compatible with third-party applications and are inspired by Google's Material You Theme. These new icons will begin rolling out to users in the coming weeks.

These new icons will be visible on the Messages app in the coming weeks, and will also be rolling out to the Google Phone and Contacts apps. The new look is intended to better match the Material You theme on your device, which enables the apps to fit in with your personal style.

Google has also added new features to the Messages app, including an in-app YouTube player. In addition, the icons have been updated to work with the Material You theme and will emphasize Rich Communication Services. In addition to the new icons, Google has added several new features to the Messages app, like threaded replies, starred suggestions, reminders, and the YouTube integration. While these features are welcome additions to the app, the only visible changes to the visual aspect of the app were new icons.

The new Google Messages app includes a star message feature that will recognize when a message is important, such as a meeting or a phone call. It will also recognize text messages like "Can we talk now?" and suggest scheduling a video call. When you're chatting with a friend, Google Messages will suggest when you're both available to talk.

Google has also added new features to its Messages and Contacts apps. The Messages app now has an in-built reminder feature, which will remind you of important appointments or dates. It will also remind you of birthdays or anniversaries. You can also set reminders for your contacts with a tap. The reminders will be visible even if you've hidden them in your Contacts app.

Google has also integrated Google Meet into Messages. You can initiate a meet call from a message, and if the message includes a mention of Google Meet, the app will suggest the call to your calendar. In addition, YouTube videos are now accessible directly from Messages.

You can also respond to individual messages with RCS. The app has the ability to show emoji reactions. Google began this feature last year, and now it's available on the Android platform. The app also auto-transcribes your voice messages. With this, you can read and listen to voice messages just like text messages.

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  1. How can I get the bottom row green dark icons?

  2. After Android 13 Update and Material You Dark Model enable

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