Microsoft Added Transfer Images Directly From Phone to PC

Microsoft Added Feature to Transfer Images Directly From Phone to Microsoft Office or PC

Microsoft's Office Inside application now lets users insert pictures directly from Android devices. This new feature can make it much easier to transfer images from your phone to your PC. Users can now click on the Insert picture from mobile device command to insert images from their phone directly into Word documents.

Microsoft has been steadily improving the connectivity between Windows and Android. In March, the company revamped its Phone Link app, which enables users to transfer content from an Android device to a PC. And now, Office Insiders can also insert images from Android phones directly into Word and PowerPoint documents.

Office Insiders can access this new feature by using an active subscription to Office 365. In order to use the feature, Office Insiders must be signed in to their work or school account. Then, they must scan the QR code on the device to link it to their PC.

Microsoft has been testing this feature and has made it available to Office 365 members. The feature is currently available only to members of the Office 365 subscription service, but it will be rolled out to other users soon. The new feature will also be available to Office Insiders in the web versions of PowerPoint and Word.

The process is pretty simple, but requires a few steps. First, you need to pair your Android device to your Windows PC. After pairing, you can open the Link to Windows app on your PC and insert pictures from your Android device. When you are ready to go, open a document or presentation in Word for the web or PowerPoint for the web. Once the app is paired with your work or school account, you can then insert the image from your Android device.

Microsoft is continuing its strategy to blur the lines between PCs and handheld devices by releasing features that complement both platforms. This includes a new "instant hotspot" feature, which lets Windows PCs automatically connect to the phone's Wi-Fi network. Earlier this year, Microsoft also released a new feature called "Drop," which allows users to upload files directly to PCs through a chat-like window. This feature also allows users to view files on any device.

If you have an Office 365 subscription, you can also use the Link to Windows feature with your Android phone. You can access your phone's apps from your PC, including messages, contacts, notifications, and quick settings. However, if you have an older Android phone, you may have to wait a little longer for this feature to come to your PC.

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