Google Finally Removed its COVID-19 layer From Google Maps

Bye Bye COVID-19 hotspots - Covid-19 Layer From Maps Will No Longer Be Available for Mobile and Web Users

The Covid-19 layer was a feature in Google Maps launched in 2020 to help people learn about COVID cases, testing, and vaccines. As of September 2022, it will no longer be available. However, users will still be able to find information about the virus using Google Search. Google recently introduced a number of new features to Maps. The new features include Immersive View, Neighborhood Vibe, and Search with Live View.

The COVID-19 info on Google Maps is intended to help people navigate safely during the pandemic. It includes information about popular times, live busyness, and COVID checkpoints, which help people plan their routes in an easy, safe way. Besides highlighting COVID checkpoints, the new layer in Maps also displays critical COVID case information.

Since the Covid-19 layer first appeared on Google Maps, it has been added to other layers as well. In addition to the COVID-19 layer, Google Maps has also added maps for air quality and wildfires. Currently, there are seven layers in Google Maps. In the future, Google will remove this layer from Maps. Until then, users will have to rely on third-party maps for this information.

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