Binance Officially Launches Binance Oracle in October 2022

Binance Officially Launches Binance Oracle - More Reliable, Secure and Accurate Data Sourcing Solution

Oracles are critical to the blockchain ecosystem because they allow smart contracts to access data from real world sources. Without oracles, it is impossible for smart contracts to operate and respond to external events. The Binance Oracle allows smart contracts to access the correct data at the right time. This new service is an important part of the Binance crypto exchange and will make it easier for decentralized applications to interact with real world data.

Oracles source prices from a variety of centralized exchanges and aggregate them using an intelligent algorithm. The Oracle Network is chain agnostic, meaning that it will work with multiple blockchains in the future. Previously, Binance relied on centralized exchanges for data. The lack of reliable oracles contributed to the $10 million Moola and $100 million Mango Markets hacks, which allowed attackers to trick the Celo-based Moola protocol.

The BNB blockchain is the largest crypto exchange by volume, and the Oracle Network aims to make it easier to access data and analyze trends. The platform has two central token standards, BEP-2 and BEP-20, which are inspired by ERC-20s. As of right now, BNB does not represent an investment in Binance, but rather a claim on its profits.

Oracle Networks also increase security and speed of data delivery. A decentralized Oracle Network consists of several nodes connected together, each with an oracle. The nodes bid on the request, and are paid for part or the whole completion. Because the nodes must be secured with LINK, nodes will have to deposit a higher amount of collateral to participate in the network.

Oracle is a network that enables trustless connectivity to any API endpoint. This technology supports off-chain data sources such as Web APIs, data and price feeds, bank or retail payment systems, and events and sports data. Furthermore, it supports various data sources, ranging from real-time market data to data from IoT.

With the growth of blockchains, costs of oracle networks are decreasing. This trend is expected to improve economics for oracle networks like Chainlink. The number of contributors will also decrease the cost of each individual oracle. Aside from efficiency and cost savings, the Oracle Network will enable more LINK rewards. This system will make it easier for nodes to retain more LINK rewards through staking.

Oracles are an important part of the chain-lockchain ecosystem. They provide a secure way for nodes to communicate off-chain and aggregate data without incurring gas costs. In addition to its security benefits, Oracles also have transparency and tamper-resistant properties.

Chainlink connects blockchains with off-chain services such as payment gateways, insurance, and financial data. The technology uses decentralized oracles, which are based on smart contract systems. These oracles are made up of buyers and nodes.

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