SteamOS Desktop Version Officially Coming - Beta Released

SteamOS Officially Desktop Version Coming Soon

The SteamOS Linux distribution is on the move. The Linux distribution was never intended to be a desktop operating system, but Valve has now updated the repo and added a tool that can flash the SteamOS ISO to a USB thumb drive. However, the download website still offers an old version of SteamOS, version 2.X.

SteamOS is a lightweight operating system that will run on almost any machine. It is designed to be compatible with large-screen displays, making it a good option for gaming. However, Valve cautioned that it might be a stripped-down version of the operating system, which will later include added features.

SteamOS is based on Debian Linux and uses the X Window System. While the two operating systems are similar, they offer different experiences. Desktop users can experience multiple applications running across multiple monitors, desktop widgets, and menus, while gamers on a console may only have one full-screen application with limited configuration.

The UI of SteamOS has several unique components. First of all, it uses a custom window manager and X server. This window manager talks to X servers and uses the X window system to display the GUI. The GUI appears similar to the desktop version, but it is a separate piece of code.

As Steam OS is free and open source, there are no official plans to charge for the software. The Steam Deck, however, is a limited edition device. Availability is uncertain and Steam will send pre-order emails to those who pre-order one. Users have 72 hours to complete their reservations. The next batch of emails will go out next week.

Valve has been developing SteamOS for a while now. The software is designed to be a gaming-centric operating system. Its main goal is to make gaming a seamless experience. Valve is making 300 prototype Steam Machines available to beta testers. These machines will enable users to play SteamOS games on their TV screen.

As for the desktop version of SteamOS, the company has announced a separate beta for the SteamOS desktop and in-home streaming. It has already implemented a lot of the streaming functionality, but needs to release a utility to manage it. The company is also looking to make the Steam client work with multiple logins from the same network.

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