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Now Feature Phone Users can Access their Bank Account, Transfer Fund and Make Payments by Missed Call With MissCallPay - Language No Bar

MissCallPay aims to make digital payments easy and safe for feature phone users. This way, they will be able to gain trust among the digitally challenged Bharat population. The company has already reached out to over one lakh small merchants and is in talks with banks to expand their services.

UPI has been gaining ground rapidly, with over 1.3 billion transactions per month. However, these payments are usually made on a smartphone, and feature phone users are not as well-equipped to make UPI payments. The National Payments Council of India has encouraged startups to create mobile applications that address this issue.

MissCallPay is an Indian fintech start-up based in Gujarat. It aims to provide a solution for feature phone users and has won several awards. It has raised undisclosed angel funding and has been shortlisted for a Bill Gates Global Grand Challenge. It plans to reach 100 million users by 2022.

With MissCallPay, feature phone users can now make payments using UPI via voice bots and without internet services. The app is simple to use and does not require advanced digital literacy or a POS terminal. The service is also available in local languages and doesn't require proximity for card transactions.

To make UPI easy to use for feature phone users, MissCallPay has partnered with a Mumbai-based start-up, Minkville. The service works on a missed call, with the customer having to enter the payment amount and enter their UPI pin to verify the transaction. A pilot program will begin in a few months, and the service should be available commercially by January 2020.

With its UPI voice payment solution, MissCallPay aims to bring the benefits of UPI to feature phone users across India. The company has already been in talks with banks to launch its voice-based payment solution. The company aims to reach 96 per cent of the Bharat population.

UPI is changing the face of digital payments. It is expanding digital financial inclusion and creating a sense of digital sovereignty across the country. But there are limitations. Not all feature phone users are tech savvy and can't access the internet to make UPI payments.

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