Qualcomm Oryon - Next Generation CPU for Snapdragon Platform

Qualcomm Oryon - Next Generation CPU for Snapdragon Platform to Mobile and Laptops

During Qualcomm's annual Snapdragon Summit in Hawaii last week, the company teased a new CPU for its future Snapdragon family of products. Called Oryon, the new chip will be based on technology that the company acquired last year when it bought chip designer Nuvia. The new CPU will be a part of Qualcomm's overall push to enter the PC market. It will eventually be used in laptops, smartphones, and other devices.

The chip will also be used in infrastructure networking solutions and advanced driver assistance systems. It will also be integrated across digital cockpits and extended reality. And it will also be used in Android smartphones. It will be the first CPU design based on technology Qualcomm has acquired from Nuvia.

Qualcomm plans to use the Oryon CPU to power its Snapdragon platform from mobile to laptops, and it will be rolled out in 2023. It will be used for computing, networking, and extended reality, and will be integrated across a wide variety of Snapdragon-powered products. The company claims it will bring the best of smartphones to laptops.

The company claims the new CPU will bring efficiency to connected computing. It will also allow for faster Windows on Arm work, which is important for the company's goal to compete with Apple's ARM-based PC chips. In addition, the new CPU will feature eye tracking and Wi-Fi 7 connectivity. It will also be used in infrastructure networking solutions, advanced driver assistance systems, and other applications.

The first chip will be based on a custom CPU architecture based on the Arm instruction set. It will scale down like the Adreno architecture used in Qualcomm's current chips, and it will be marketed under the new brand Oryon. But it will not be an off-the-shelf ARM core architecture, and it will be arranged in clusters. The company will not announce performance numbers for the new Oryon cores, but it will say that it will provide a balance of power and efficiency.

Qualcomm has also been working on artificial intelligence. It will be able to speed up AI functions and decrease the load on CPUs and GPUs. The company recently said it will begin working with Adobe on AI compute, which will enable more Adobe Creative Cloud applications to run on Qualcomm-powered PCs. It also recently announced that it would be able to optimize apps for Windows on ARM, which will help make those apps more efficient.

In addition, the company announced that it will launch two new audio chipsets, one of which is the S3 Gen 2 chipset. Qualcomm also announced that it would be working with Citi to move its global workforce to Qualcomm mobile compute products. It also said that it will be working with Adobe to improve apps for Windows on ARM.

In other Qualcomm news, the company announced that it will be partnering with Adobe to bring more Adobe Creative Cloud apps to Windows on ARM-powered computers. Adobe also announced that it will be adding support for Snapdragon AI compute to its Sensei machine learning tool.

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