Twitter New Policy - Blue Tick Subscription Not for Everyone

Twitter New Policy - Blue Tick Subscription Not for Everyone ? - Full Report

Those who are planning to create a new Twitter account will have to wait for 90 days before they can take advantage of the Twitter Blue subscription. This is part of the company's efforts to combat scams and impersonators on the platform.

Twitter is also changing the process of paying for verification. It will now only give paid-for verification to new accounts. It has also decided to suspend verification for users who change their name. This means that if you don't subscribe to Twitter Blue, you won't get a blue tick on your account.

Twitter also plans to limit the access to accounts that are deemed trolls or scams. New accounts will have to wait 90 days before they can be verified. This may not be an insurmountable obstacle, but it does make it harder for pranksters to stockpile fake accounts.

There are also plans to limit the number of public figures who can access Twitter Blue. These accounts will be required to state in their name that they are parody accounts. In addition, Musk has requested that the word "parody" be added next to parody account names.

Twitter Blue also has a second check mark to differentiate between verified and unverified accounts. It also has stickers to purchase. However, this feature isn't quite as easy as Musk hoped. It will cost users $8 per month to use the service. It costs more on iOS.

Twitter is also changing the little blue bird app. This will allow users to see how long it will take for a verification mark to appear. It is also changing the paywall. Those who have already purchased the service will have to pay a higher price for access on iOS. This is in response to reports that a mass exodus has occurred.

The company has also laid off half of its staff earlier this month. However, it has made clear that it will keep its options open for changes in the future.

Although the 90-day wait period is not perfect, it can help keep identity theft at bay. Scammers can still take advantage of developing stories, but it will be much harder for them to shape fake accounts after this cold period.

Twitter has been under attack from fake accounts since Elon Musk took over the company. Although it is still in the process of figuring out how to combat fraud and impersonators, the company continues to experiment with new policies. It is a good sign that they are taking steps to avoid scams and misinformation on their platform.

While the new Twitter Blue subscription service is set to relaunch on November 29, it is still unclear whether the company will also add more waiting periods for new users. Until then, industrious pranksters can create accounts months in advance. They will also be required to wait 90 days to obtain a blue check on their Twitter account. Hopefully, this will help reduce the number of scams and impersonators on the platform.

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