Paperless Flight Traveling Now Possible With DigiYatra

DigiYatra Launched in India for Paperless Flight Travel - Full Detail

Several airports in India are launching a new service that will enable paperless flight travel. This new service is called DigiYatra and it uses facial recognition technology to check passengers' identity and validate travel documents. The service is being launched by the Ministry of Civil Aviation in India and is part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Digital India initiative. The initiative is being implemented in various airports across the country in phases. The first phase of the service is expected to be implemented at seven airports.

This initiative is being implemented in order to reduce paper work, improve security and enhance the airport experience for passengers. The service will also simplify the boarding process and reduce waiting times. It is believed to be implemented in phases across several airports in India by the end of the year.

The DigiYatra app will allow passengers to scan their boarding pass and self-check-in. The app will also store travel documents digitally. It will also automatically process passenger information at checkpoints. The app will also provide dedicated entry gates, and will eliminate long queues. Currently, the boarding process at airports is time consuming and involves long queues.

In order to use the service, passengers must download the app on their smartphones. They must also upload their boarding pass and self-image. They will be sent an OTP to their Aadhar-linked mobile number. After the OTP is successfully sent, the app will verify their identity. The boarding pass and selfie will be verified by facial recognition software. Once verified, the boarding pass will be scanned at the e-gate. If the boarding pass is scanned successfully, the DigiYatra entry gate will open.

This new service will be implemented across the country by March 2023. The initiative is being backed by the Ministry of Civil Aviation and the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security. The service is also supported by the Airport Authority of India, Mumbai Airport, Bengaluru International Airport and Cochin International Airport.

The service will be implemented at various airports, including Indira Gandhi International Airport, Bengaluru International Airport, Mumbai Airport, Cochin International Airport, Hyderabad Airport, Pune Airport and Kolkata Airport. Passengers can use the app at various checkpoints, including security checkpoints, e-gates, and the terminal gates.

As per the announcement by the government, passengers must be registered with the DigiYatra app in order to use the service. To do this, users must first register their Aadhar-based details and then upload their selfie. After the selfie is successfully uploaded, passengers will be given an OTP that will be sent to their Aadhar-linked mobile phone. Once they have registered with the app, they can scan their boarding pass at the e-gate. The DigiYatra app will then verify their identity and store their travel documents digitally. In addition, the service will also allow them to share their experiences with other travelers.

The service will also be available to domestic passengers only. Currently, the government is launching paperless entry at select airports, but the service is expected to be implemented at all airports in India by March 2023. The service will be available on IOS and Android devices.

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